We are thrilled to announce that our first customer to use our new LTL online quote and shipping tool was B&R Head & Block Repair!

Huge thanks to Robert at B&R Head & Block Repair for their loyalty and willingness to try something new. They dove right into our new system and used the LTL online quote tool to get a quote and ship their freight in minutes. Joaquin Murrieta from our sales team said they were just as excited as we were!

And the best part? The shipment was delivered the very next day, with all tracking automatically generated, making the process seamless.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, please reach out to us at info@shipmld.com or call us toll free at 877.653.6420 – we would LOVE to show it off to you.

Thank you again, B&R Head& Block Repair, for making MyLogisticsDept history with our 1st customer entered shipment!