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Shipping and logistics done right

We are a unique logistics company that takes the time to get to know each and every client who entrusts us to manage their logistics supply chain.

We deliver personal service and customized logistics programs every day to our customers in diverse business sectors such as Medical, Wearing Apparel, Telecommunications, Electronics, Retail Fixtures and Construction, Solar Energy, Industrial Machining and Manufacturing.

MyLogisticsDept’s goal is to be your one-stop logistics resource.

At MLD, our customer service staff is the best in the business!

They know our business and they know our customer’s business. You can hear the commitment in their voices and feel the dedication and pride with every shipment.

We partner only with “best in class” service providers to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers and their clients. We deliver around the block or around the world!

About Us

Founded in 1999, MyLogisticsDept is a non asset based, premium provider of Domestic and International Freight Services, Logistics, and Warehousing. We are privately owned and operated with our headquarters and warehouse located in West Sacramento, CA.


Domestic Transportation Services

has spent great time and effort to create a vast portfolio of domestic service providers that understand our business and our quality requirements. Each domestic service provider has been selected because of their specific area of expertise and each has demonstrated their reliability over time.



offers a wide range of Dynamic Services for all segments of the shipping business. Along with our standard services, contact our specialized team of customer service representatives for custom designed strategic services to fit any unique or difficult shipping situations.

“We partner only with “best in class” service providers”